King of the Court

King of the Court

Even a busted hip could not prevent Bob Burke from enjoying his special day. Read more | Add your comment

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Former coach faces student sex charges

On Monday, the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office announced that it had arrested Larry Donnell Edwards, 54, of Ahoskie, for taking indecent liberties with a student. Read more | Add your comment

  1. Second murder suspect arrested  | Add your comment
  2. Lee gains MEC appointment  | Add your comment
  3. Arraignment set for ‘Rockfish’ group  | Add your comment

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Natural born leader

Natural born leader

William Peele III began his career in education in the classroom. Sometimes he wishes he hadn’t left. Read more | Add your comment

Bertie Sheriff probes B&E’s in Kelford

Bertie County Sheriff John Holley says his department is investigating a series of break-ins that occurred in the Roxobel-Kelford area on Sunday evening-early Monday morning. Read more | Add your comment

M’boro man arrested

A Murfreesboro man is behind bars here, awaiting his first court appearance today (Tuesday) on charges of marijuana possession. Read more | Add your comment

Odum, Vaughan honored

Chowan University will be making special awards presentations to honor Hertford County Sheriff Juan Vaughan and former Murfreesboro Town Councilwoman Gloria Odum at 11 a.m. ... Read more | Add your comment

No new taxes!

No new taxes!

Northampton County’s Board of County Commissioners and Board of Education conducted a public forum Thursday night to hear from citizens and answer questions about ... Read more | Add your comment

  1. B&E suspect arrested after hiding in woods  | Add your comment
  2. Vann bows out  | Add your comment
  3. Victim becomes villain  | Add your comment
  4. ‘Game Changer’  | Add your comment
  5. Forum to discuss school tax  | Add your comment
  6. Worthy citizens to be honored  | Add your comment
  7. ‘Pound’ of cure  | Add your comment
  8. After the Storm  | Add your comment
  9. NCSO gains upgrade in weapons  | Add your comment
  10. Two seek Ward B seat  | Add your comment
  11. Heart of Gold  | Add your comment
  12. NAACP voices concerns  | Add your comment
  13. B&E suspects arrested  | Add your comment
  14. Hillshire Brands Company expands in eastern NC  | Add your comment
  15. Wicked Weather  | Add your comment
  16. Coats of many colors  | Add your comment
  17. Seaboard names new Police Chief  | Add your comment
  18. By water, or by land  | Add your comment
  19. Do-Over  | Add your comment
  20. ‘Dreaming the Dream’  | Add your comment
  21. Wanted: NCSO seeks two on the run  | Add your comment
  22. Jackson man jailed in RR home invasion  | Add your comment
  23. Northampton County Sheriff’s Office arrests three  | Add your comment
  24. Home, sweet home  | Add your comment


Tough Enough

Tough Enough

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Read more | Add your comment

  1. Brand ‘New’ World  | Add your comment
  2. Eagles fall in title tilt  | Add your comment
  3. Pick-up move  | Add your comment

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Residential Shuffle

Someone once said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. We would say that depends on where you live, especially in Ahoskie, ... Read more | Add your comment

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Dastardly political plot uncovered

Well, darn, my boy Donald lost the Iowa caucus. And here I thought he was a ... Read more | Add your comment

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Town leaders need to offer more clarity about their decisions

I read on the internet and hear from friends around the state that your newspaper’s report of the decisions by the Woodland Town Commissioners prohibiting ... Read more | Add your comment

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